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What is Diablo Sports Training?

Beyond the field, we champion mental strength training, recognizing its equal importance to physical conditioning. Our approach integrates cutting-edge techniques to foster a champion's mindset, empowering athletes to conquer challenges, overcome setbacks, and thrive under pressure.

At Diablo Sports Training, we foster athletic excellence while nurturing the resilience and fortitude needed for success both on and off the field. Founded by Josh Rosen in the South Bay, our approach is steeped in a deep appreciation for the fusion of sports fundamentals and mental strength.


Diablo Sports Training offers a variety of services in athletics including private and group training in soccer and long-distance running, as well as mental strength training.

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Book a Private Soccer Training Session

Our individual soccer training sessions are meticulously tailored to enhance the athlete's strengths and address areas requiring improvement. During these sessions, we provide detailed explanation and demonstration followed by constructive feedback.

Junior Soccer Match

Join a Group Soccer Session

Group Soccer Training sessions are customized for 2-4 athletes to elevate their strengths and address their weaknesses. The session includes a hybrid of individual skill learning and synergistic play. Book with other athletes or reach out to ask about joining an existing group!


Schedule a free Phone Consultation

Get clarity on your mental strength training needs with a free 15-minute phone consultation. We'll assess your challenges and goals, creating a customized plan to enhance your mental strength and tackle hurdles head-on.

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Where we are:

Redondo Beach, CA 90277



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Josh's dedication to helping athletes unlock their best selves is rooted in a belief that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Through his coaching, he guides individuals to not just succeed in sports but to thrive in life, leveraging the invaluable lessons sports and personal challenges have taught him.

Josh brings a unique blend of expertise in sports performance and a deep understanding of the human psyche to his coaching practice. With a background in competitive soccer, cross country, and track, Josh developed a passion for harnessing both physical and mental prowess for peak athletic performance.              
Despite earning a degree in engineering, Josh's heart remained tied to the lessons learned on the field and track. His personal journey, living with ADHD and navigating anxiety, became the catalyst for his mission—to empower athletes to conquer obstacles and reach their full potential.
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